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The stock market is a complex mechanism that connects buyers and sellers to establish the fair value of shares. At TrustFX, you can comfortably trade stocks with small, medium or large capitalization, linked to multiple currencies. Benefit from buying and selling leading companies in the world.


An index is defined as a stock portfolio that represents a specific market or sector of the market. Most large economies, as well as developing countries, have at least one financial index. For example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), one of the most commonly used indices in the world, consists of shares of the 30 largest US companies. The change in the value of the index reflects the capitalization of the individual shares of which it is composed.


Raw materials and agricultural products can be exchange goods. oil, gas, industrial and precious metals, agricultural products are used by traders to earn money. commodities can be bought and sold on the stock exchange in the same way as stocks and indices.


Cryptocurrencies or “coins” are unique digital assets that are in increasing demand. Bitcoin is the most famous and expensive cryptocurrency. The most convenient way to get a coin is to use the services of a broker. This will allow you to connect a bank account or credit card to your account and then quickly buy/sell a cryptocurrency.


The Forex market is the largest and most liquid financial market where world currencies are traded. Traders buy and sell currencies in order to earn on the price difference. Currencies are bought and sold in so-called pairs, where one currency is used to buy another. A pair of EUR/USD is the most popular.