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Gold may fall below $ 1,450

Despite the reduction in unemployment in Germany and the growth of GDP in the UK, the single currency and the pound are losing value. A lingering economic war and a recession in the global economy continue to bother financial markets, but not so much. Investors expect a positive result of the confrontation between China and the United States so defensive assets are becoming less attractive.

Economic calendar

From October 1 to the end of the week, China celebrates National Day, and therefore low trading activity is expected.

10:55 (GMT+3) Germany published the September index of business activity in the manufacturing sector (PMI). The indicator was 41.7, which is better than forecast and positive for the single currency (EUR).

11:30 (GMT+3) The UK will present the September index of business activity in the manufacturing sector. 47% will be positive for the pound (GBP).

12:00 (GMT+3) the eurozone will publish the consumer price index for September. Analysts suggest that the index will not change and will be 1%.

17:00 (GMT+3) The US will publish the September index of business activity in the manufacturing sector (PMI). The expected figure is 50.4.

Economic calendar Oct 1

Oil. On October 1, the oil began to recover on average by 0.3% after a maximum quarterly drop. In the morning, WTI crude oil is growing at $54.4. Brent futures are trading near $59.6.

Gold. Shielding metal has fallen significantly and could fall below $1,450. In the morning, gold is down -0.8% and is trading near $1459.

Currency. On Tuesday, the DXY dollar index continues to strengthen. In the morning, DXY is 99.5 against the basket of major currencies.

On October 1, the dollar is up 0.3% against the yen. In the morning, the pair USD/JPY is trading at 108.3.

Euro (EUR) again cheaper against the dollar. In the morning, the EUR/USD pair is down 0.1 and is trading near 1.0884.

Pound Sterling (GBP) fell on Monday. On the morning of October 1, the GBP/USD pair is trading around 1.2293.

Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin (BTC) began to recover on Monday after a long fall. On Tuesday, the BTC is trading around $8,434. In the morning, Ethereum (ETH) is trading near $181.7. The price of Litecoin (LTC) is growing at 1.1% and is $56.7.

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