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Black gold in the focus of investors

After strong oil growth on September 13, the raw material resource continues to rise in price on September 17 amid concerns over oil supply problems. The attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia diverted financial markets from the trade war between the United States and China. Meanwhile, countries are gearing up for talks this Thursday.

Economic calendar
12:00 (GMT+3) Germany published the September economic sentiment index ZEW. The indicator turned out to be much higher than forecasts: -22.5% instead of 38%, which is positive for the euro (EUR).

Economic calendar Sept 17

Oil. Oil continues to grow. On the morning of September 17, WTI crude oil is $62.3. Brent futures are trading near $68.9.

Gold. The protective metal is stable on Tuesday. About $1,498 is trading in the morning.

Currency. On Tuesday, the DXY dollar index is virtually unchanged. In the morning, DXY is 98.5 against the basket of major currencies.

On the morning of September 17, the dollar rises against the yen. In the morning, the pair USD/JPY is trading at 108.1.

Yesterday, the euro (EUR) fell sharply, but is strengthening on Tuesday. In the morning, the EUR/USD pair is trading near 1.1015.

The pound (GBP) is losing ground due to the possible imminent Brexit. On the morning of September 17, the GBP/USD pair falls by -0.1% and is trading at around 1.2411.

Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin (BTC) is getting cheaper on Tuesday and is trading at $10,190. In the morning, Ethereum (ETH) is growing steadily by 0.22% and is trading near $198.1. Litecoin (LTC) is up 0.3% at $72.9.

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